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Lock apps and folders, software installers, internet
Password protect Windows Desktop and Store apps
WinGuard locks your app using password protection. It does this by scanning for programs you add to its blacklist. If a match is found, WinGuard stops the application and displays a password prompt.
WinGuard Download.
WinGuard Pro 2016 Trial edition is available for 30 days of use. After the trial, you can still use the software for a limited time with limited features.
• Lock any app with password
• Lock Software Installations
• Lock MS Internet Explorer
• Lock Windows File Explorer
• Hide Drive C or All your Drives
• Configure all User Settings
• Lock All Administrator Tools
• Try it free for 30 days
Security software to lock pc
Customer Support.
If you need support for WinGuard, please contact us using the Contact Form . Our response times are good.
WinGuard Updates.
You can get the latest version of WinGuard by running the program Update. Currently WinGuard Pro 2016 is the latest update available. We recommend installing it.
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